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Lord I Hear You,

Recognizing The Voice of God



“Lord I Hear You” is a book strategically written to shed light on God’s sovereign ability to speak through many facets of His creation. Recognizing the voice of God will open your spirit-man up to new experiences in His presence. Dr. Ball has compiled this information through prayer and study of God’s word and has now made it available in written format. The refreshing and encouraging part of your Christian journey is to know when God is speaking to you and that it is a divine encounter being released to shape and re-shape not only you, but society around you. Carefully proceed through these pages and ponder on the wondrous ways God releases His thoughts and mind. Be open to the pressing challenges of human nature and trust God to lead you deeper into the super-natural.

The Faith Walk Journey



The Faith Walk Journey is guaranteed to strengthen your faith and place you ina new dimension of living this Christian life. You will not stay the same after reading and meditating on these words in this book. You will learn how to advance and possess in your faith while becoming a change agent in the lives of others.

Confessions Become Your Possessions

(A Daily Walk for Spiritual Growth and Maturity)



Our Christian walk is a daily process and as we continue to grow we discover that specific scriptures fit specific areas of our lives. God’s Word never changes. It has been good for generations past and is still good now and will continue to be good into the future. Sometimes we need that one verse or two to help in the appropriate time. This book gives the believer the specific tools for the job that needs to be done. The nuggets that accompany the scriptures have been tested and proven to work as you apply them with God’s Word.

Waves of wonder



 We had no idea that the decision we made would enhance our lives in the years to come. We made the decision to ride the waves. 10 years later we’re still riding the “Waves of Wonder.” So if you’re thinking of a way to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, vacation, or just time together with family/friends this book will give you great insight. What we experienced has been awesome. We never thought we’d be saying “Home Sweet Home” every year!

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