Judah Music & Arts

Minister Kevin Stallworth, serve as the leader of the singers and musicians who minister at Faithwalk Harvest Center.


The Judah Music and Arts Ministry serves Faithwalk Harvest Center by means of vocal and instrumental groups that inspire praise and worship at the necessary times, so that God’s glory can be manifested through the vehicle of music.

The vocal and instrumental divisions of the Judah Music and Arts Ministry are as follows:


GLORY OF JUDAH Praise and Worship Team:
Glory of Judah is a small group of singers who are anointed to effectively lead the congregation into worship through song and prophetic exhortation. The mission of Glory of Judah is to set the atmosphere for God to show his glory through passionate praise and worship. The vision for Glory of Judah is that God will manifest His glory at the highest level as the team ministers, that God will continue to pour out new and original songs, and that God will open doors for Glory of Judah’s anointing to be shared with the world. Anyone who is interested in Glory of Judah must be a church member who is at least age 18, knows and loves the Word of God, lives a holy lifestyle, and is a strong singer and expressive worshipper. An interview and audition with the Minister of Music is required.


Voices of Judah is a choir comprised of adult singers. The mission of Voices of Judah is to minister to God and His people through song. Voices of Judah’s songs are chosen for the purpose of ministering spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical healing to the choir members, and then to the Body of Christ and to the world. Anyone interested in Voices of Judah must be a church member who is at least age 18, living a holy lifestyle, and has a hunger to grow as a singer and worshipper.


JUDAH GENERATION Youth Praise & Worship Ministry:
Judah Generation is a vocal group comprised of teenage and pre-teen singers. The mission of Judah eneration is to train youth to be leaders in praise and worship through song and expressive exhortation. Judah Generation ministers through songs that deal with the common issues today’s young people face, and have the potency to capture their hearts for God. Anyone interested in joining Judah Generation must be a church member between ages 10 and 18 who is willing to be obedient to the designated leaders, to learn more about Christ, and to sing and worship with energy and expression.


The Judah Minstrels is a group of musicians who are skilled and anointed to minister to God and His people on musical instruments. The Judah Minstrels accompany each vocal group as needed. The Judah Minstrels also have the responsibility of setting and shifting the atmosphere of the worship services through instrumental music as the Holy Spirit leads. The instrumentation is now comprised of keyboards, bass guitar, drums, and various auxiliary percussion instruments (including congas). As the ministry grows, the Judah Minstrels will be comprised of a full orchestra including brass, woodwind, and string instruments, as well as a full percussion section. Anyone interested in joining the Judah Minstrels must be a church member who is saved, living a holy lifestyle, and has some experience on a musical instrument. The Judah Minstrels are committed to musical excellence, in obedience to the exhortation in Psalm 33:3 to “play skillfully with a shout of joy.”